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War of the Cards by Colleen Oakes

This is the third and final book in the Queen of Hearts trilogy. I happened to see it on the library shelf and picked it up to finish the series.

Published: 2017

Genre: YA fantasy

Length: 342 pages

Setting: the capital of Wonderland, soon after the events of Blood of Wonderland

Summary: Short version: Dinah is crowned Queen, although it is not without heartbreak Continue reading


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The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

Miss Adventure got me reading the Protector of the Small series which takes place after the events in this series. I decided to make an effort to finish listening to this book (which I’ve had on my plate for months), the fourth book in the Immortals series.

Published: 1996

Genre: YA fantasy

Length: 347 pages

Setting: mostly the Divine Realms and a bit of Tortall, soon after the events of Emperor Mage

Summary: Short version: A final confrontation between the powers of Chaos and Order Continue reading

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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

It’s John Green’s new book that I’ve been meaning to read. A student in my Coastal Biology class recommended it to me when I asked for a book recommendation, and it reminded me I wanted to read the book.

Published: 2017

Genre: YA fiction

Length: 286 pages

Setting: outside of Indianapolis, present day

Summary: Short version: Aza tries to deal with her OCD and still have a relationship Continue reading

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Boxers by Gene Luen Yang

This is one of the few graphic novels for older kids listed on this CommonSense post. It’s been a while since we’ve read a graphic novel, so I requested this from the library.

Colors by: Lark Pien

Published: 2013

Genre: historical fiction with a touch of fantasy graphic novel

Length: 325 pages

Setting: Northern Shan-tung Province and Peking, China, 1894-1900

Summary: Short version: The disruption of Westerners on Chinese society in the late 1800s Continue reading

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Un Lun Dun by China Mieville

Back in 2008 when I read this, Mieville was getting some good press as a speculative fiction writer. I had read one other by Mieville and couldn’t decide if I liked his style, so I thought I’d try another. Plus, this book kept catching my eye as I walked by the bookshelf.

Published: 2007

Genre: young adult fantasy

Length: 429 pages

Setting: London and UnLondon

Summary: Short version: How can Zanna and Deeba protect UnLondon from Smog Continue reading

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Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine

This is the third book in the Great Library series the kids and I are reading.

Published: 2017

Genre: YA alternative history/fantasy

Length: 338 pages

Setting: mostly Philadelphia, right after the events of Paper and Fire

Summary: Short version: Jess and his friends survive the Burners of Philadelphia Continue reading

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What I Will be Reading #38: For the Younger Audiences

First off, I’m adding Children of Blood and Bone by Toni Adeyemi to my list, the first book in a new YA series. I like the interesting magic and West African setting. I’m trying to read more books set outside the U.S. and this would definitely fit the bill. It was reviewed on a books episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour.

The next three books came from a friend who is a school librarian. We traded book recommendations at a gymnastics meet (our daughters compete together). She recommended The Book of Boy by Catherine Gilbert Murdock as a middle grade book set in the Middle Ages. The main character is a bit different from the other in the village, which sets him apart. He gets taken around Europe, looking for relics of St. Peter, which makes it a bit of a treasure hunt.

She also recommended Front Desk by Kelly Yang. The book is set in a motel and touches on immigration issues. That’s a tricky issue to discuss with kids, but the setting makes it a more natural fit.

Finally, there’s Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. This is a WWII book told from the perspective of four characters whose stories slowly intertwine.

Anything sound good to you?

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