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The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington by Phenderson Djèlí Clark

Illustration by Odera Igbokwe. Follow the link to the story at Fireside Magazine

I recently saw a post about the nominees for the 2019 Locus Award. One of the Locus Awards is given for short stories. I checked and can access all of the nominees, so I thought I’d read and review them all. Since they’re awarded in June, I might even get them all reviewed before I find out who the winner is. Maybe. Anyways, here’s my first review of a nominee for the 2019 Short Story Locus Award. This story was also nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Short Story Awards.

Published: February, 2018 in Fireside Magazine

Genre: urban historical fiction

Setting: a United States with mythological creatures and magic, around the Revolutionary War time (late 1700s)

Summary: Short version: The person’s story behind each tooth George Washington acquires Continue reading


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The Never List by Koethi Zan

I was looking for an X, Y, or Z author to finish up my Author Reading the Alphabet Challenge. I picked this one because it looked like a thriller.

Published: 2013

Genre: sexual thriller

Length: 303 pages

Setting: NYC and Portland, Oregon, 2010s

Font: Sabon LT Std and Cresci LP

Summary: Short version: Sarah revisits the memories and locations of her horrific kidnapping Continue reading

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The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

This was our latest book club choice.

Published: 2010

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 369 pages

Setting: Virginia, late 1700s/early 1800s Continue reading

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Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis

Our American History Book Club is meeting this week. Our second topic of the year is the Civil War. We actually covered the Civil War two years ago, but focused mostly on the fighting by reading Iron Thunder and Across Five Aprils. This time around, since the kids are older, I wanted to focus more on the slavery aspect of the Civil War. I can’t remember where I first came across this title, but I wrote it down immediately since it sounded perfect for American History Club.

Published: 2007

Genre: middle-grade historical fiction

Length: 341 pages

Font: Historical, Felltype Roman

Setting: Buxton, Canada, and its surroundings, mid-1800s Continue reading

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America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie

Published: 2016 (It’s official publication date is today)

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 624 pages

Setting: Virginia and Paris, 1781-1828

Interest: I received a review copy of this book, but my opinion is completely my own. I agreed to the review because I do enjoy historical fiction books. Continue reading

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Beloved by Toni Morrison

Published: 1987

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 324 pages

Setting: the outskirts of Cincinnati, after the Civil War

Interest: It’s a Pulitzer Prize winner. I’m pretty sure I read it in college, but I figured it was worth reading again since it’s been so long and I don’t remember the book. Continue reading

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The Saltwater African by Lisa Bolekaja

I meant to write a short fiction Sunday post last night, but the wind blew our power out. I went to bed early instead. So, it’s turned into a short fiction Monday post.

Published: 2013 in Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars

Genre: historical fiction, magical realism

Length: 9 pages

Setting: Georgia, during the time of slavery

Interest: It was included in the 2014 annual Campbellian Anthology

Summary: Tchula is an obeah living on a plantation in Georgia. When a new slave, fresh from Africa, is added to the plantation, Tchula realizes she’s found an equal. She’s ready to run with him, but she needs to convince her sister to run with her. Her sister is scared to run, and is convinced to run with a bit of voodoo.

Final thoughts: A bit of life on a plantation with just a touch of magic.

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