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2017: Year in Review

I haven’t quite finished reviewing all the books from 2017, but I’d still like to look back and see how I did with my reading life this past year. Let’s start with my Goodreads totals. I read 98 novels, and 128 books total, when you factor in all the graphic novels and novellas. That stacked up to 39,744 pages, slightly less than last year but still respectable.

Rereading Challenge: I got four books reread in the Outlander series. I’ve previously read six of the eight currently published books in the series so I’ve still got some work to do. I think I’ll try to finish the series this year.

Finish the Series Challenge: I finished five series, and put a dent in several others that have been lingering for a while. I’ll count that as a success.

Reading the Alphabet Challenge: I missed four categories this year, which is probably the worst I’ve done in this challenge in a while. I did manage to get at least one book in each letter, but I’m disappointed I didn’t finish the alphabet this year.

Overall, I am happy with the reading challenges I set for myself and plan to repeat them in 2018. I’ve still got a lot of series that I’d like to finish, and I didn’t finish rereading the Outlander series yet, so I’m just keeping last year’s challenges for 2018.



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Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

This is the fourth book in the Outlander series I’m rereading this year.

Published: 1997

Genre: historical fiction with time travel

Length: 880 pages

Setting: around Charleston, South Carolina, 1767-1770, and England, 1969 Continue reading


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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

This is the third book in the Outlander series I’m rereading this year, following A Dragonfly in Amber.

Published: 1994

Genre: time travel/historical fiction

Length: 921 pages (so close to the coveted 1000+ pages tag!)

Setting: Inverness, 1968, and Scotland to France to the West Indies, 1746 Continue reading

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A Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

This is the second Outlander book. I’m rereading the series this year, and I wanted to be sure to read the book before I got around to watching the second season of the TV series.

Published: 1992

Genre: time travel/historical fiction

Length: 743 pages

Setting: France and Scotland, 1740s, Inverness, 1968 Continue reading

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I had heard excellent things about a TV adaptation of the book, and decided I should check it out. I really enjoyed the first season, and was reminded the books were good. It’s been at least a decade since I started the series (before I started writing book reviews on what I read), so I decided it would be my reread for the year.

Published: 1991

Genre: historical fiction with time travel

Length: 627 pages

Setting: it starts in 1945, Scotland, but is mostly set in 1743, Scotland Continue reading

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Reading Challenges for 2017

It’s a new year, so it’s time to decide what reading challenges I want to set for myself. It’s not that I wouldn’t read without the challenges, but they help to focus my reading for the year. I plan on a mix of old and new challenges this year, as every year. I won’t be doing a 100 book challenge this year. I finally made 100 in 2016 (after a few years of getting oh-so-close), so I don’t need to push myself to make that number again. I will keep track of all the books I read, just because, but it won’t be a specific reading challenge.

Instead, I’m going to focus on trying to finish some book series this year. I very often read a book in a series, enjoy it, and then don’t get around to the next one for a year or more. So, this year, I’m going to try to finish up some book series I have started. I’ll call this the Finish the Series Challenge.

I enjoyed my rereading of the Uplift series this past year. I thought I could continue in this vein with a different series. This year I’m going to try to reread the Outlander series. It’s been made into a TV show and I loved the first season that I recently watched. It’s been so long since I’ve read the books that I don’t even have book reviews written for them. I may not finish the whole series this year, since there are eight of them and I’ll probably get tired of them if I read too many. But, I’ll try to do at least four this year. This is my ongoing Reread Challenge.

And finally, as always, I’ll try to read my way through the alphabet, both authors and titles. It’s the only category challenge I manage to continue the whole year. I’ll keep X, Y, and Z and a single category as well. I’m going to be boring and call it the Reading the Alphabet Challenge again.

If you like your reading challenges with more categories, here’s a couple other choices for you:

The Modern Mrs. Darcy is doing a choose-your-own-adventure challenge, with two different groups of 12 categories. There’s the “put the oomph back in your reading life” list, and the “stretch yourself in 2017” list, or you can do both if you’re a big reader!

POPSUGAR has a 40-category list to help expand and diversity your reading list, with everything from a book with a cat on the cover, to a book by multiple authors, to a book that been on your TBR list too long. If that’s not enough for you, there’s a 12-book advanced list to cover one book a week.

BookRiot has a Read Harder challenge consisting of 24 categories designed to push you outside your reading comfort zone.

If you are a teacher, you might want to check out the WeAreTeachers reading challenge.

The Retellings Reading Challenge encourages you to read retellings of old stories (myths, fables, people’s lives, origin stories, and the like). If you live in the UK and sign up for the challenge, you could even win a book!

And, if that’s not enough for you, try the Anythink Wright Farms Reading Challenge that provides a category for each month.

So, what are you going to read this year?

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2016: Year in Review

Before I get too deep into this year’s reading and start some new reading challenges, I want to see how I did on last year’s challenges.

Rereading Challenge – I finished rereading the Uplift series and definitely enjoyed myself. I think I’ll revisit another series this year.

New Books Challenge – I only got 6 out of the ten books I wanted to read. What I didn’t foresee was how difficult it would be to find new books in the beginning of the year. It really wasn’t until June that I started seeing books published in 2016 show up in my library. To make it more reasonable, I should have said books published in the past two years. If I include the books published in 2015, that adds another 11 books to the challenge. Apparently, I had no problem reading recently published books this past year.

Reading the Alphabet Challenge: My last book of the year finished the challenge! It’s very satisfying to have read the alphabet in both title and author names.

Maybe 100 This Year Challenge – This was finally the year I made 100! It helps when I include books that I listen to as well as books that I read.

If I consider a revision to the New Books Challenge, I finished all of my reading challenges this year. That has got to be a first!

ETA: this is the first year I’ve used Goodreads, and I didn’t realize they do an end of the year summary. I want to remember these numbers (and I’m not sure I’ll be able to find the page later). If you include all the graphic novels I read (which I don’t usually count toward my book total), I read 39,930 pages last year, which I have to say impresses me. My shortest book was Welcome to the Tribe and my longest book was A Dance With Dragons.

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