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Mission Control, This Is Apollo by Andrew Chaikin

Tomorrow is our last meeting of American History Club for the school year. We’re doing a second session on the space program. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a YA level book about astronauts/the space program/space race. I ended up choosing a nonfiction book instead of our usual fiction or narrative-driven nonfiction book because that’s all I could find in our library system.

Subtitle: The Story of the First Voyages to the Moon

Published: 2009

Genre: nonfiction history

Length: 105 pages of text, 114 pages total Continue reading

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Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King

This is my husband’s favorite movie, and he got an audiobook of the story. I decided to listen to it as well, since I enjoy Stephen King when he isn’t being scary.

Published: 1982

Genre: fiction

Length: 181 pages

Setting: Maine, it felt like the 1950s Continue reading

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The Twits by Roald Dahl

This is one of the BBC’s The Big Read books that we happened to have lying around the house. I must have seen it in at a thrift store or something and picked it up because Dahl always makes for a good read aloud. I thought it would be a good start to our year as a read aloud.

Published: 1980

Genre: middle grade fiction (there are talking animals, but they only talk to each other and it doesn’t really feel like fantasy)

Length: 76 pages with lots of illustrations

Setting: England, it felt like the 1940s, but certainly not even the 1980s. Continue reading

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Caresaway by D. J. Cockburn

I was given an ARC of this book to review (but all my opinions are my own). It was published by a small press (Annorlunda Books) that focuses on books that help you “learn something you’ll feel good about knowing.” I’ve been an advance reader for several other books and novellas she’s published (see Unspotted, Lilies of the Dawn, Okay, So Look, and Academaze) and thought I’d do the same for the newest book.

Published: 2017 (it comes out today in ebook form)

Genre: speculative fiction

Length: 86 pages

Setting: mostly England and Cape Town, present day Continue reading

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

When I was looking for some “literature” books to give to Mr. Curiosity to read this year, The Outsiders was commonly suggested. It seemed age appropriate and well received by many people, so I decided to go for it. I’m reading all the books I’m assigning him to read so we can talk about them. I don’t think I ever read this one in school (or saw the movie). I can’t really remember what books I read in middle school English, but I do know if I’ve read a book before after I start reading it.

Published: 1967 (so it’s not like it was too new for me to have read in middle school, unlike, say, The Giver)

Genre: YA fiction

Length: 180 pages

Setting: outskirts of a big city (for some reason, I thought it was NYC), 1960s Continue reading


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The Dragon’s Child by Laurence Yep and Dr. Kathleen S. Yep

We had our second session of American History Club on immigration. I decided to change our focus a bit. The first meeting discussed Irish immigration. This time we focused on Chinese immigration through Angel Island in California.

Subtitle: A Story of Angel Island

Published: 2008

Genre: middle grade historical fiction

Length: 106 pages of story, 133 pages with the extra resources

Setting: China and Angel Island, 1922 Continue reading

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The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

I was excited to see that John Scalzi had a new story coming out. I read his blog religiously (it’s one of the few places I enjoy the political writing, even in this horrible election cycle), and I try to get to all his new books. Everything I’ve read so far, I’ve enjoyed. So, when he announced he had a novella coming out that you could listen to for free off Audible, I was in, even if it wasn’t his typical genre. And, if you hurry, you can still get the audiobook for free through November 5th (I think). Just click on the cover to follow a link to the site!

Published: 2016

Genre: thriller

Length: 75 pages

Setting: Chicago, near future Continue reading

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