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Now in November by Josephine Johnson

This was a Pulitzer Prize winner I chose to fill in a hole in my published year reading list. Too bad I forgot the Pulitzer is given out for a book published in the previous year.

Published: 1934

Genre: fiction

Length: 164 pages

Setting: a generic farm during the Depression

Summary: Short version: Life on a farm during the Depression and Dust Bowl Continue reading


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The Dodo Knight by Michelle Rene

I was given a copy of this novella to review (although my views are my own). It’s published by Annorlunda Enterprises, a small-press publisher that focuses on stories that make you think.

Published: 2019 (it comes out today!)

Genre: historical fiction novella

Length: 134 pages

Setting: Victorian England, probably the mid-1800s

Summary: Short version: The story of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell Continue reading

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High-Rise by J. G. Ballard

I added this book to my TBR list when I saw a list of the best sci-fi and fantasy books of all time by the Telegraph. I added the ones I hadn’t read to my TBR, and this was one of them. I’m trying to get some books off my list that have been for a while (I added this one in 2014).

Published: 1975

Genre: fiction tending towards horror

Length: 173 pages

Font: Linotype Plantin

Setting: a high-rise apartment building in London in the 1970s

Summary: Short version: Serious conflict in a high-rise apartment building Continue reading

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We Who Are About To… by Joanna Russ

This book has been on my TBR list so long I have no record or memory of why it put it there. I’m sure it has something to do with it being a scifi classic.

Published: 1976

Genre: science fiction

Length: 118 pages

Setting: an exoplanet, far future

Summary: Short version: What to do when marooned on an inhospitable planet Continue reading

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Beowulf: A New Telling by Robert Nye

I gave this to Miss Adventure to read while Mr. Curiosity and I were reading Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf. I’m still following many suggestions in The Well-Trained Mind for homeschooling, and Bauer and Wise recommend having middle-schoolers read some of the original literature. They recommended this version of Beowulf for the younger audience. After I talked to Miss Adventure about the book, I realized there were some significant differences between the two versions. I decided to read this version to compare to Heaney’s.

Published: 1968

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 92 pages

Setting: Scandinavia, some time before it was written

SummaryShort version: Beowulf defeats the monsters Continue reading

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Becoming Native to This Place by Wes Jackson

This book was discussed in The Contrary Farmer and has been sitting on my TBR list for five years. I decided it was finally time to get it off the TBR list and onto the read list.

Published: 1992

Genre: nonfiction agriculture

Length: 136 pages

Summary: Short version: Essays on living with the landscape Continue reading

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Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman

I happened to see this short book in the new books section at the library. I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman for many reasons, and picked it up just because it had his name on it.

Designer: Chip Kidd

Published: 2013

Genre: graphic design/speech

Length: 80 pages

Summary: Short version: Gaiman’s commencement speech to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia Continue reading

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