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Setting the Records Straight by Lee Binz

I’m not sure how I became aware of this book. I’m sure it caught my eye because Mr. Curiosity is in high school this year and will be going to college eventually. Homeschooling is much more common these days, so it isn’t hard to get a homeschooler into college. It just requires that I keep track of what he’s learning and turn it into a transcript. This book is designed to help me do just that.

Subtitle: How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships

Published: 2010

Genre: nonfiction homeschooling education

Length: 118 pages of text, 222 pages total Continue reading


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Relish by Lucy Knisley

I saw this graphic novel at the library and picked it up. It looked a bit different from the typical fantastical story told in graphic novel.

Subtitle: My Life in the Kitchen

Published: 2013

Genre: graphic novel nonfiction memoir

Length: 173 pages

Setting: various places within the U.S., 1960s to the present Continue reading

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The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson

Miss Adventure managed to bring flu into our house and share it with everyone. I had enough energy to write a book review yesterday, but by the time I had a chance to sit down and type it up, I was out of energy. I feel a bit more energetic tonight, though.

I picked this book for our January book club book. I thought some nonfiction might be a nice change of pace. Plus, with Patterson as the author, it had high potential for enjoyment, or at least be a quick read.

Published: 2009

Genre: nonfiction history

Length: 332 pages

Setting: Egypt, 1357-1324 BCE, The Valley of the Kings, 1900-1920s, and present day Palm Springs, Florida Continue reading

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The Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan

It’s a book about the Great Lakes, which makes me interested. My husband got it from the library and I’ve had Mr. Curiosity reading it for his science. I decided it would be good to know what I was assigning him.

Published: 2017

Genre: nonfiction science

Length: 321 pages of text, 364 pages total Continue reading

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World on the Edge by Lester Brown

I’m looking for a book that was published relatively recently that discusses many of the world’s environmental issues for my Environmental Science class. This was an option I found at the library.

Subtitle: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse

Published: 2011

Genre: nonfiction environmental science

Length: 202 pages of text, 240 pages total Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Troy by I.G. Edmonds

I picked up this book from the library as a supplement for Mr. Curiosity while we were reading The Iliad. He wasn’t interested, but I kept finding tidbits that intrigued me. Finally I decided I could just read the book.

Published: 1977

Genre: nonfiction history

Length: 180 pages of text, 191 pages total Continue reading

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An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield

I’d seen his version of “Space Oddity” performed in space and been a fan ever since. When I found out he wrote a book, I put it on my TBR list and picked it now because it gave me a letter in my reading challenge.

Subtitle: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything

Published: 2013

Genre: memoir

Length: 284 pages of text, 295 pages total

Setting: various Canadian, U.S. and Russian locations and the International Space Station, 1980s-2000s Continue reading

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