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Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman

This was my book club choice for March. I found it on the NPR book concierge list of book club books. Even though we didn’t meet because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I still read the book.

Published: 2019

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 337 pages

Setting: Baltimore, Maryland, October 1965-November 1966

Summary: Short version: Maddie leaves her husband and becomes a newspaper reporter Continue reading

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His Hideous Heart, Part 5

Time for my next installment of an Edgar Allan Poe story compared to a modern re-imagined version.

“The Purloined Letter” by Edgar Allan Poe

Published: 1845

Genre: mystery/detective short story

Length: 25 pages

Setting: Paris in the 1800s

Short summary: Dupin is able to find the letter D—- is using to blackmail a royal

“A Drop of Stolen Ink” by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Published: 2019

Genre: science fiction short story

Setting: a generic U.S. city, near future

Short summary: Augusta, a government wraith, is tasked with finding the missing ID tattoo of the President Continue reading

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A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn

This is the second Veronica Speedwell book (following A Curious Beginning) and I was in the mood for some historical fiction.

Published: 2017

Genre: historical mystery

Length: 338 pages

Setting: London, 1887

Summary: Short version: Miss Speedwell and Stoker try to clear an innocent man from murder charges Continue reading

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Head On by John Scalzi

This is the sequel to Lock In and was available to read on my phone while we were on vacation and I didn’t have my Kindle or any other books with me (the horror!).

Subtitle: A Novel of the Near Future

Published: 2018

Genre: science fiction mystery

Length: 335 pages

Setting: Northeast U.S., near future, a bit after the events of Lock In

Summary: Short version: Shane investigates the death of a Haden Hilketa player Continue reading

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A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

I can’t remember how this one got on my radar, but it piqued my interest as a female lepidopterist in Victorian England. I love books with scientists as the main character, especially when they’re breaking the mold. I picked it now as the first book to start at the beginning of the year) I’m not counting On Black Sisters Street because I started it last year) based on the title. It’s the beginning of the year, so let’s read a beginning book.

Published: 2015

Genre: historical mystery

Length: 337 pages

Font: Kepler Std

Setting: 1887 London

Summary: Short version: Veronica is in danger over the secret of who her father is Continue reading

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The Waterworks by E. L. Doctorow

I picked this up at the library’s used book sale. I had read another Doctorow (Ragtime) and enjoyed it, so I picked this up to try.

Published: 1994

Genre: fiction

Length: 349 pages

Setting: New York City, 1871

Summary: Short version: McIlvaine investigates the disappearance of Pemberton and his father
Continue reading

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What I Will Be Reading #43: Mysterious and Fantastical

I’m currently splitting my time between reading Don Quixote and something else, which definitely slows down my completion rate for books. So, what better time to add to my To Be Read list, right?

First up are a couple of book from The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s podcast What Should I Read Next? I got two from episode 193, who sounded like my book twin, so I figured her recommendations would work for me as well – The City of Brass by A. S. Chakraborty which is fantasy set in Egypt (I’m really enjoying reading fantasy or scifi from a different culture), and Recursion by Blake Crouch, a time travel book.

And coming back to Earth for the next book is A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn. I can’t remember where I saw this. It’s the first Veronica Speedwell mystery. I’m not a huge fan of mysteries, but I’m always on the lookout for an exception to the rule. This is about a female Victorian lepidopterist on adventure. I’m intrigued by the science aspect of it, so I’ll give it a try. We’ll see if I read any more of the trilogy.

I’m going to stick with the mystery theme, but go dystopian with the novel The Last by Hanna Jameson. GeekDad described it Station Eleven (my review at that link) crossed with The Shining. Sounds intriguing to me.

And those are the newest books I’m adding to my TBR list. Anything sound good to you? Anything I should add?

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