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What I Will Be Reading #43: Mysterious and Fantastical

I’m currently splitting my time between reading Don Quixote and something else, which definitely slows down my completion rate for books. So, what better time to add to my To Be Read list, right?

First up are a couple of book from The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s podcast What Should I Read Next? I got two from episode 193, who sounded like my book twin, so I figured her recommendations would work for me as well – The City of Brass by A. S. Chakraborty which is fantasy set in Egypt (I’m really enjoying reading fantasy or scifi from a different culture), and Recursion by Blake Crouch, a time travel book.

The Last by Hanna Jameson from https://geekdad.com/2019/09/5-reasons-to-read-the-last-by-hanna-jameson/ Described as

And coming back to Earth for the next book is A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn. I can’t remember where I saw this. It’s the first Veronica Speedwell mystery. I’m not a huge fan of mysteries, but I’m always on the lookout for an exception to the rule. This is about a female Victorian lepidopterist on adventure. I’m intrigued by the science aspect of it, so I’ll give it a try. We’ll see if I read any more of the trilogy.

I’m going to stick with the mystery theme, but go dystopian with the novel The Last by Hanna Jameson. GeekDad described it Station Eleven (my review at that link) crossed with The Shining. Sounds intriguing to me.

And those are the newest books I’m adding to my TBR list. Anything sound good to you? Anything I should add?

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The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

This was my book club’s choice for August. Someone asked for a mystery and this came up as an option.

Published: 2012

Genre: mystery/historical fiction

Length: 484 pages

Setting: Suffolk and 2011 and London in 1941

Summary: Short version: Lauren tries to figure out her mother’s history, being told in flashbacks Continue reading

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A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

I wanted a change of genre and have been meaning to read the next book in the Inspector Gamache series (this is the second book). Plus, it’s set outside the U.S.

Published: 2006

Genre: murder mystery

Length: 311 pages

Setting: Three Pines and Montreal, Quebec, present day, after the events of Still Life

Summary: Short version: Inspector Gamache solves the mystery of who killed CC de Poitiers Continue reading

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Arctic Adagio by DJ Cockburn

This is the latest publication from Annorlunda Press, a small press that focuses on stories that entertain and make you think. I received a review copy of the book, but all my opinions are my own.

Published: Today! May, 2019

Genre: science fiction mystery

Length: 85 pages

Setting: a ship in the melted Arctic, near future

Summary: Short version: Harme has to figure out who murdered Kurata on his ship Continue reading


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Greenglass House by Kate Milford

I think I saw this book in a list of good read alouds. I picked it up from a new bookstore in town to read to the kids.

Published: 2014

Genre: middle grade mystery

Length: 376 pages

Setting: Greenglass House in Nagspeake (which felt like a New England town), present day-ish

Summary: Short version: We find out why everyone came to Greenglass House Continue reading

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What I Will Be Reading #40: Not from The Modern Mrs. Darcy

I’ve been reading down my TBR list fairly quickly, which means I get to add new books to my list. Isn’t that how it works? Just to show that I can do get book recommendations from a variety of sources, none of these come from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out her blog or podcast, you totally should. She’s a great source for a variety of books.

Let’s start with a recommendation from a friend – I was talking books with another homeschooling mom, and she recommended anything by Elly Griffiths. The Ruth Galloway series is about an archeologist who solves mysteries. I’m not huge into mysteries, but I do like a strong female protagonist and I like scientists. I’m willing to try it. The first book in the series is The Crossing Places.

The next addition is Barbara Kingsolver’s newest book – Unsheltered. I will read it without knowing anything about it, just because it’s by Kingsolver. But, if you need more information, the book is about two families who live in the same house, a century apart. We read about the troubles the families have. As a bonus, it will give me a U in my alphabet reading challenge.

Then, I’ll finish with two nonfiction books. First, I found a book on breast cancer called Flat: Reclaiming My Body from Breast Cancer by Catherine Guthrie from a Last Word on Nothing post. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer, I’m always interested in how other people have dealt with the diagnosis. Guthrie was also diagnosed before age 40, so she has a similar experience to me. Finally, a homeschooling book to finish things off. I’d like to read The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life Julie Bogart. I saw this on a Simple Homeschool post about new books. Bogart shares her experiences graduating five homeschooled kids. My kids are into middle school and high school, and I like to read success stories for reinforcement.

And those are the books I’m adding to my reading list. Anything else I should add?

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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

It’s John Green’s new book that I’ve been meaning to read. A student in my Coastal Biology class recommended it to me when I asked for a book recommendation, and it reminded me I wanted to read the book.

Published: 2017

Genre: YA fiction

Length: 286 pages

Setting: outside of Indianapolis, present day

Summary: Short version: Aza tries to deal with her OCD and still have a relationship Continue reading

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