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Geometry by Harold R. Jacobs

This is the geometry book I settled on for the kids.

Subtitle: Seeing, Doing, Understanding

Published: my edition in 2003; latest edition in 2017

Genre: math textbook

Length: 727 pages of text and problems, 780 pages total Continue reading


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Painless Geometry by Lynette Long

I figured if I was going to try using the Painless Algebra book, I should try the Painless Geometry book.

Published: my edition in 2009; latest edition in 2009

Genre: math textbook

Length: 311 pages Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-Up: Apollo Missions

While we’ve been doing a truncated version of school all summer, we went back full-time on Monday. StatsGuy and I had to start teaching that day, so it seemed appropriate to start the kids that day as well. I decided we’d start the year off while the Apollo missions to the moon, since it’s the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. Our local library system had lots of books on the Apollo mission – it was hard to pick just a few to request, and I still ended up with a big stack.

Two the kids chose to read this week included One Small Step: Celebrating the First Men On the Moon. This is a scrapbook style book with each page a collection of images, text, and lift-the-flap pages. It covers everything from why we wanted to go to the moon in the first place, the space race with Russia, the actual moon landing, and some of what we’ve done in space since. It’s a great book to sit down with and flip through.

The other book was Moon Landing by Nadia Higgins. This book is a nonfiction narrative of the Apollo missions, focusing on Apollo 11. It’s much longer than One Small Step (about 90 pages of text), but there are many side panels with relevant stories and photos.

The last book we started using this week was Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, 3rd Edition by Harold Jacobs. I had a hard time coming up with a math topic for Mr. Curiosity to cover for the year. Middle school math seemed like a whole bunch of the same, just getting slightly harder each year. Not what I was looking for. So, I did some research on Geometry books, and this one kept being mentioned. The bummer thing was it’s a textbook, so buying it costs textbook prices. I didn’t want to spend $80 (used) on a book I hadn’t had a chance to flip through and check. Luckily, I was able to request the book through the Penn State library system, and I can see why it’s talked about so highly. You do all the geometry you’d expect, but with real world applications in every chapter. I was hooked. Mr. Curiosity was a little overwhelmed on the first day, since he’d never used a textbook like this before, but once I sat down with him and walked him through some problems, he was good.

And those are the books we’ve been using this week!

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