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Playing With Math

new_site_logo_4I’m doing something different today (it is Friday after all, the traditional “different” post day for me). I thought I’d share a quick link to an Incited funding campaign to an interesting book I found called Playing With Math. I’ve done a couple of Kickstarter campaigns, but this was the first I’ve supported on Incited. It seems to run on a similar principle as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, but the project gets your funds whether or not they reach their goal.

body_Book_cover_for_uploadI found the book because I was looking around for some inspiration for our Fun Math Friday topics for this next year. Playing With Math sounded perfect. According to their website, “[w]hether you enjoy math and want materials that will help you share some math-love with your kids, or whether you fear and loathe math and need help getting over that hurdle so you won’t pass it on, Playing With Math will give you inspiration and lots of new ideas.” Sound like just what I was looking for. It looks like the book will be a combination of stories of how people have got others interested in math, puzzles, games, and other activities. I don’t have any more details than you can find if you follow the link. If you’re interested, head over to the website quickly because the campaign ends July 20th.


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