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Giant Days Volume One by John Allison

I saw this reviewed somewhere and thought Mr. Curiosity might enjoy it. Luckily, our library had it so I requested it.

Published: 2016

Illustrator: Lissa Treiman

Genre: YA fiction graphic novel

Length: 128 pages

Setting: a British University, present day Continue reading

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When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

Audiobooks have been our saving grace as we drove 20 minutes to rehearsal four times a week. I was first introduced to this book by The Modern Mrs. Darcy and it caught my eye because A Wrinkle in Time is a major plot point. I’ve heard it made a good read aloud, and was excited to see the audiobook was available from our library.

Published: 2009

Genre: YA time travel fiction

Length: 199 pages

Setting: New York City, 1978 Continue reading

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Booked by Kwame Alexander

Published: 2016

Genre: middle grade fiction in verse

Length: 314 pages

Setting: somewhere near Dallas, Texas, present day

Interest: We loved The Crossover so much that when we saw Booked sitting on a shelf at the library as we returned The Crossover, the kids made me get it and read it next. It helps that Mr. Curiosity is a big soccer fan, and this book focuses on soccer. Continue reading

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Smek for President by Adam Rex

Published: 2015

Genre: middle grade science fiction

Length: 272 pages

Setting: mostly New Boovworld (one of Saturn’s renamed moons), soon after the events of The True Meaning of Smekday.

Interest: It’s the second book in the series. We loved the first one so much, we had to start listening to the second one as soon as we finished the first. Continue reading

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Holes by Louis Sacher

Published: 1998

Genre: middle grade fiction

Length: 233 pages

Setting: mostly Green Lake, TX, recent past

Interest: I was looking for an audiobook for a trip to a gymnastics meet. This one was a perfect length and a Newbery winner to boot. Continue reading

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The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Time for the first book review of the year – and I got lucky and picked a really good book with which to start off the year!

Published: 2013 in Germany, 2015 in English translation

Genre: fiction

Length: 370 pages of story, 392 pages total

Setting: France, present day

Interest: It was recommended by the She Reads blog as a book to make you happy. I put it on my reading list because it’s a book about a bookseller, which is an oddly specific genre that I happen to love. I picked it up because it happened to be on the endcap at the library when I was wandering about looking for books. Continue reading


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