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Othello by William Shakespeare

This version of the play was offered as a free Sync audio book. I downloaded it just because it was Shakespeare. Since it’s summer and I’m spending more time outside working around the house, I listen to a lot more audio – both books and podcasts so I was happy for the addition.

Published: originally in 1603; this edition in 2008

Genre: play

Length: 2 hours and 38 minutes or about 110 pages

Setting: Italy, late 1500s

Summary: Short version: Iago makes Othello doubt Desdemona’s love for him Continue reading

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Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

My husband picked this up as an audiobook for the family because Peter Jackson turned it into a movie.

Published: 2001

Genre: science fiction

Length: 373 pages

Setting: a post-apocalyptic, barely recognizable future Asia

Summary: Short version: London’s attempts to gain power causes many deaths Continue reading

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare fits in the medieval time period we’re covering this year in homeschooling. This was the play Mr. Curiosity chose to read. I read it along with him. I think this is my first time experiencing Hamlet.

Published: 1600

Genre: classic play

Length: I have a book that contains all of Shakespeare’s works. This took up 41 pages of double-columned text in that book

Setting: Denmark, late 1500s

Summary: Short version: Death, betrayal, and madness in the high courts of Denmark Continue reading


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