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A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

I got an illustrated edition of this book for Christmas and decided it was high time to read it since the libraries are all closed due to the pandemic. It’s my third reread.

Published: 1996 for the original, 2016 for the illustrated edition

Genre: epic fantasy

Length: 843 pages of text, 878 with appendix

Font: Minion

Setting: various parts of Westeros

Summary: Short version: The peace of Westeros is shattered when Robert Baratheon dies Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again by Zen Cho

This won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2019. I finished all the 2019 short story nominees for the Hugo and Nebula, and am looking for other short stories to read.

Published: November, 2018 at the B&N Sci-fi and Fantasy blog

Genre: fantasy

Setting: China, the ocean, and America, thousands of years before the present to today

Summary: Short version: Byam, an imugi, can’t ascend to dragonhood until he has a relationship with a woman Continue reading

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Dragon Avenger by E. E. Knight

This is the second book in the Age of Fire series, following Dragon Champion.

Published: 2006

Genre: fantasy

Length: 372 pages

Setting: the Age of Fire world, concurrent with Dragon Champion

Summary: Short version: Wistala gets revenge on the dwarves that attacked her nest Continue reading

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Tortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce

I was looking for a collection of Pierce’s short stories ever since I found out she wrote a darking short story. (Darkings are my favorite, mainly because of the voice used on the audiobooks I’ve listened to.) Shomehow I found out the title and discovered our library had a copy. Miss Adventure was just as happy to get the stories as I was.

Published: 2011 as a collection, 1986-2009 as stories

Genre: short story collection, mostly fantasy but one fiction

Length: 369 pages

Setting: mostly Tortall, but some in New York City

Summary: Short version: A short story collection. See below for a short description of each. Continue reading

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The Storyteller’s Replacement by N. K. Jemisin

This is my next review of a nominee for the 2019 Short Story Locus Award.

Published: 2018 in How Long ’til Black Future Month?, a collection of short stories by N. K. Jemisin

Genre: fantasy short story

Length: 13 pages

Setting: Sosun, a medieval-technology world

Summary: Short version: A storyteller’s tale about dragons taking over the royal family Continue reading

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The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

Miss Adventure got me reading the Protector of the Small series which takes place after the events in this series. I decided to make an effort to finish listening to this book (which I’ve had on my plate for months), the fourth book in the Immortals series.

Published: 1996

Genre: YA fantasy

Length: 347 pages

Setting: mostly the Divine Realms and a bit of Tortall, soon after the events of Emperor Mage

Summary: Short version: A final confrontation between the powers of Chaos and Order Continue reading

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Within the Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan

This is the fifth and final book in the Memoirs of Lady Trent series. Sadly, the Erie County library system didn’t have it so I had to request it via interlibrary loan. I didn’t feel bad about it, though, since it was the last book in a series.

Published: 2017

Genre: historical fantasy

Length: 333 pages

Setting: mostly the Mrtyahaima Mountains (a Himalayan equivalent), a bit after the events of In the Labyrinth of Drakes

Summary: Short version: Lady Trent discovers a living Draconean society Continue reading

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