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Queen of Darkness by Anne Bishop

This is the third and final book in the Black Jewels trilogy.

Published: 2000

Genre: fantasy

Length: 430 pages

Setting: mostly Kaeleer, after the events of Heir to the Shadows

Summary: Short version: The final confrontation between Jaenelle and Dorothea Continue reading

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Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop

This is the second book in the Dark Jewels trilogy. I’m trying to finish series within a reasonably short time of starting them, so here’s the second book already.

Published: 1999

Genre: fantasy

Length: 482 pages

Setting: soon after the events of Daughter of the Blood, various locations within the Realms

Summary: Short version: Jaenelle heals and draws friends into her official Court Continue reading


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Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop

It’s been on my TBR list so long I have no record of how it got there. I read it now because I could get it on my Kindle.

Published: 1998

Genre: dark fantasy

Length: 373 pages

Setting: various locations within a medieval society

Summary: Short version: Witch is born and begins to unconsciously create her Court Continue reading


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