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Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney

This is one of Mr. Curiosity’s Great Books of the medieval period he’s reading this year. I like to read along with him so we can discuss the book together. I’m pretty sure I read the book in high school, but I only remembered that Beowulf fights the monster Grendel.

Published: this edition in 2000, originally between the seventh and tenth centuries, CE

Genre: epic poetry

Length: 213 pages, but for each two-page spread, the right page is the original middle English, and the left page is the translation, so you’re most likely only going to read half of that

Setting: Scandinavia, some time before it was written

Summary: Short version: Beowulf is awesome and defeats all the monsters Continue reading


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Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai

I’m not exactly sure how this book got put on my “read to the kids” list. I’m sure it had something to do with being a book in verse. It was our first read aloud book for the school year, mainly because it was available as an ebook. I had chosen a different book, but Mr. Curiosity went and read it the weekend before I was going to start reading it aloud, so I needed a quick backup without being able to go to the library.

Published: 2011

Genre: middle grade historical fiction book in verse

Length: 272 pages

Setting: Vietnam and Alabama, 1975

Summary: Short version: Immigrant story from the Vietnam War Continue reading

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The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin

This is the second book in the Broken Earth trilogy. I loved the first one so much I had to get the next one right away.

Published: 2016

Genre: science fiction, although this one is more fantastical than the first. I’m considering this a future Earth achieved through science, hence scifi.

Length: 391 pages of text, 407 pages with appendices

Setting: mostly around Castrima and Found Moon, immediately after events in The Fifth Season

Summary: Short version: How to develop a community in catastrophe Continue reading

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The Yellow-Lighted Bookstore by Lewis Buzbee

This came from an Off the Shelf post on books set in bookstores. It’s one of my favorite subgenres, and I’m always up for more books in this genre.

Published: 2006

Genre: nonfiction books

Length: 216 pages

Setting: a variety of bookstores on the West Coast, 1980s to the present

Font: Concorde

Summary: Short version: Bookstores are awesome & always have been Continue reading

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The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin

I saw this book at the library and picked it up for Mr. Curiosity and myself to read. It’s the first book in the Broken Earth trilogy. I’ve heard good things about the series, including the fact that Jemisin won three Hugos in a row for each of the books in the series (a first!).

Published: 2015

Genre: science fiction

Length: 449 pages of text, 468 pages total

Setting: various locations in the Stillness, which I think is a far future Earth

Summary: Short version: Can I just say, “OMG read this book now!!”? No? Then how about: The world only thinks orogenes are controlled. Continue reading

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The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan

This is the third book in the Trials of Apollo series. I’m committed to finishing the series.

Published: 2018

Genre: middle grade urban fantasy

Length: 419 pages of story, 431 pages with glossary

Setting: mostly Southern California, present day

Summary: Short version: Meg, Apollo, and Grover have to rescue an Oracle from the Labyrinth Continue reading

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Looking for Alaska by John Green

I was in the mood for some YA and decided John Green would fit the bill. I really wanted to read his newest, Turtles All the Way Down, but it wasn’t at our library. So, I asked Mr. Curiosity which of the two John Green books the library did have that I hadn’t read was better. He remembered this one best so I got it.

Published: 2005

Genre: YA fiction

Length: 221 pages

Setting: mostly Culver Creek Academy in Alabama, early 2000s

Summary: Short version: Boarding school shenanigans
Continue reading

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