Past reading challenges

I like to read lots of books, and occasionally I also like to fit books into categories. Here are the reading challenges I’ve attempted in the past.

2013 – I tried Award Winning Book Challenge, Nerdy Nonfiction Challenge, Read-a-Latte Challenge (hoping to read 100 books), and an A-Z reading challenge

2014 – I tried a 100 Book Challenge, Check Off Your Reading List for Pulitzer Prize winners, Global Reading Challenge for different settings, Back to the Classics, and another Alphabet Soup challenge

2015 – I tried again to read 100 books with the Finally to 100 Challenge, more Pulitzer Prize winners (although any big prize counts) with the Award Winning Challenge, and I stayed with the Alphabet Challenge, combining X, Y, and Z

2016 – I decided to reread the Uplift trilogy, add some new books to my reading life with the New Books Challenge, finally made it to 100 books in the Maybe 100 This Year Challenge, and read the alphabet with authors and titles in my annual Reading the Alphabet Challenge

2017 – I continued a Reread Challenge, this time focusing on the Outlander series, worked on finishing some series with a Finish the Series Challenge, and my annual Reading the Alphabet Challenge

2018 – I spent another year on a Finish the Series Challenge, tried to read books from the BBC’s The Big Read Challenge, and of course a Reading the Alphabet Challenge

2019 – I tried another Award Winning Challenge, visited several Countries in Books, and my usual Reading the Alphabet Challenge

What do you think?

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