Two-Part Invention by Madeleine L’Engle

This is the fourth and final of L’Engle’s Crosswick Journals. I skipped the third one (The Irrational Season) because it focuses on L’Engle’s relationship to Christianity, and I’m just not interested in that topic, even if it is L’Engle writing.

Published: 1988

Genre: nonfiction memoir

Length: 232 pages

Setting: Crosswicks in 1987, NYC in the 1960s Continue reading

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Back home!!

We had a lovely vacation, except for one little incident that involved our car getting towed because we mistakenly parked illegally. Luckily the impound lot wasn’t too far away from the apartment we rented. I finished three books on the trip (and another this morning), so I got some good reading in. We also spent an hour reading at the Enoch Pratt Free Library and some time wandering the Barnes and Noble in the Power Plant in the inner harbor. Here’s a couple of pictures from the trip:

The trash bug in the Baltimore inner harbor

Swimming in the Chesapeake Bay

At the National Aquarium. Our favorite was the touch tank with moon jellies

I’ll be back to more book reviews tomorrow!

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Geometry by Harold R. Jacobs

This is the geometry book I settled on for the kids.

Subtitle: Seeing, Doing, Understanding

Published: my edition in 2003; latest edition in 2017

Genre: math textbook

Length: 727 pages of text and problems, 780 pages total Continue reading

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Painless Geometry by Lynette Long

I figured if I was going to try using the Painless Algebra book, I should try the Painless Geometry book.

Published: my edition in 2009; latest edition in 2009

Genre: math textbook

Length: 311 pages Continue reading

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Algebra I by Paul A. Foerster

This is the book Mr. Curiosity used for Algebra and Miss Adventure is starting.

Subtitle: Expressions, Equations, and Applications

Published: originally in 1984; my edition in 1999; most recent edition in 2007

Genre: math textbook

Length: 721 pages total, 679 pages of text Continue reading

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Painless Algebra by Lynette Long

This was Mr. Curiosity and Miss Adventure’s introduction to algebra.

Published: my edition is from 2011, but they have a 4th edition published in 2016

Genre: math textbook

Length: 297 pages Continue reading

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On vacation!!

It’s time for my husband’s annual conference/family vacation. We’ll be gone for a week, but I have a series of math textbook reviews lined up while I’m gone. I know, most of you aren’t interested. But, homeschoolers are in the midst of planning this year’s curriculum. I found it helpful to read other homeschoolers’ reviews of math texts as I was looking for what to use for my kids. Hopefully these posts will help someone else. I’ll leave you with a photo from paddleboarding on Lake Erie the other night.

paddleboarding on Lake Erie

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