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Modern Art Mayhem by Susie Hodge

I found this title when I was searching my library’s catalog for books equivalent to Modern Art in Detail since they’re by the same author. I thought the concept was intriguing and put in a request for the book.

Subtitle: Create Your Own Adventure and Save the Gallery from Disaster! (Art Quest)

Published: 2017

Genre: choose-your-own adventure art book

Length: 48 pages

Setting: an art gallery, present day

Summary: Short version: How well do you know modern art?
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Republic by Plato

I assigned this book to Mr. Curiosity as one of his Great Books of the Ancient World that he’s reading this year. I read the books alongside him so we can discuss the books together.

Translator: G.M.A. Grube, revised by C.D.C. Reeve

Published: originally around 380 BCE; this edition in 1992

Genre: philosophy

Length: 292 pages of text, 300 pages total

Setting: ancient Greece, although no real setting is described Continue reading

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Setting the Records Straight by Lee Binz

I’m not sure how I became aware of this book. I’m sure it caught my eye because Mr. Curiosity is in high school this year and will be going to college eventually. Homeschooling is much more common these days, so it isn’t hard to get a homeschooler into college. It just requires that I keep track of what he’s learning and turn it into a transcript. This book is designed to help me do just that.

Subtitle: How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships

Published: 2010

Genre: nonfiction homeschooling education

Length: 118 pages of text, 222 pages total Continue reading

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Modern Art in Detail by Susie Hodge

I saw this at the library in the new books section and thought it might work well for our homeschooling. We start each day by looking at and reading some commentary on a piece of art. I typically use an app (DailyArt), but sometimes I like to use a book instead.

Subtitle: 75 Masterpieces

Published: 2017

Genre: art book

Length: 319 pages of text, 335 pages total Continue reading

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Algebra I by Paul A. Foerster

This is the book Mr. Curiosity used for Algebra and Miss Adventure is starting.

Subtitle: Expressions, Equations, and Applications

Published: originally in 1984; my edition in 1999; most recent edition in 2007

Genre: math textbook

Length: 721 pages total, 679 pages of text Continue reading

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Painless Algebra by Lynette Long

This was Mr. Curiosity and Miss Adventure’s introduction to algebra.

Published: my edition is from 2011, but they have a 4th edition published in 2016

Genre: math textbook

Length: 297 pages Continue reading

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What I Will Be Reading #32: Keep Them Coming

I’ve been working down my reading list, but I always manage to add books faster than I take them off. Here’s some new ones I’ve got:

GeekDad is always a good source of books. They had a post recently about space opera series. Just what I need, more series to read, but I do so love a good space opera. I’ve already read the Old Man’s War series, so that cuts six books off the list. I’m most intrigued by the Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell, starting with Dauntless, and the Antares series by Michael McCollum, starting with Antares Dawn.

My other big source for books is the Modern Mrs. Darcy. I’ve got two from her this time. I’m in the planning stages for a new year of homeschooling, so my attention went right to The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise in her post on Books About Books. It’s been on my radar before, but I never got around to it. This time, I requested it right away from the library and I’m reading it right now. It’s quite interesting and I’m thinking about changing things up for homeschooling this year. We’ll see. The other book came from episode 83 of her podcast, and is called How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines by Thomas Foster. Mr. Curiosity is at the high school level, and I’d like to be able to discuss some literature with him. I’m terrible at finding symbolism or themes or anything like that from books, so I’m hoping this book will help.

My final book addition is more of an author addition, and he’s also useful for homeschooling. I’m always on the lookout for Fun Math activities, and nicoleandmaggie posted some details on how to keep a gifted kid challenged. In that post, they mentioned puzzle books by Martin Gardner. He’s published a number of books, and they should provide me some inspiration for the year!

And those are the books I’m adding to my reading list. Anything look good to you?

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image or title to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!

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