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A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is the sixth book in the Merry Gentry series that I read as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Published: 2007

Genre: urban fantasy/romance

Length: 274 pages

Setting: southern California, and the Sidhe Courts Continue reading


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On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

I saw this book listed somewhere as a good kid’s book and was excited to see it was available as an audiobook. It was a perfect length for our 7-hour trip to Philadelphia. It’s also the first book in a four book series, so we should have more books to listen to!

Published: 2008

Genre: middle grade fantasy

Length: 290 pages

Setting: on the continent of Skree in the world of Aerwiar, early industrial society Continue reading

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Her Hips Do Lie by Maura Yzmore

Things have been so crazy around here, I completely forgot I usually post a review of short fiction on Mondays. I did read a piece of short fiction, though, so I’m going to review it today. This was brought to my attention by Annorlunda Books who is also attempting to read at least one piece of short fiction a week. This was her pick from last week. I was tempted to read it because of the title. Go ahead and follow the link – it’s extra short so it won’t take you too long to read it.

Published: March, 2018 on Jellyfish Review (read it online for free at that link)

Genre: short fiction

Setting: a generic location, present day

Summary: Our narrator is Jen. She was an active child, but then puberty hit and her hips changed. Those wide hips drew lots of male attention and made it difficult to be as active. She let herself sink into a soft shell of herself and become that quiet mom who never speaks up. One day she had enough. One day, she decided she’d had enough and started walking. From walking, she moved into kickboxing. Now, she may still look soft on the outside, but a look in her eyes will let you know that she will no longer be pushed around.

Final thoughts: I found this to be a powerful and moving story. Jen, like so many girls, feels betrayed by her body. For a while, she accepts those changes and stops being active. Eventually, though, she’s tired of being tired and sore all the time and she starts moving again. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s worth it and her body becomes stronger. As her body becomes stronger, she takes a stronger stance in her life. People are no longer able to walk all over her, regardless of how soft she looks. A good message to take to heart – you can be more than your appearance. There’s no fat shaming in this story. In fact, all indications are that Jen still has lots of curves even after she starts to exercise. Instead, the focus is on being able to do the activities and not feel pain that is important.

Title comes from: It’s a play on the phrase “These lips do lie” (or something like that). In this case, Jen’s hips say she’s a soft, gentle mom that you can push around. But they are a lie, because she will no longer be pushed around.

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All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

I needed a book to read and didn’t have my TBR list with me. So, I decided to wander the library. Sometimes I can’t find anything that looks appealing, but this book happened to catch my eye. I knew it had a lot of good buzz around it, but didn’t know much beyond it was a WWII story. I decided to take a chance and go in otherwise blind to the plot.

Published: 2014

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 531 pages

Setting: Germany and France, 1934-1945 with an epilogue Continue reading

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Blood Debt by Tanya Huff

This is the fifth and final book in Huff’s Blood series that I read ten years ago. Of course I had to finish the series.

Published: 1997

Genre: urban fantasy

Length: 310 pages

Setting: Kingston, Ontario, present day, soon after the events of Blood Pact Continue reading

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Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

This is the fifth book in the Discworld series. Since I just finished Plato’s Republic, I wanted something a bit lighter to read. Pratchett definitely counts as lighter!

Published: 1988

Genre: fantasy

Length: 270 pages

Setting: various locations throughout Discworld, focusing on the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork Continue reading

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Republic by Plato

I assigned this book to Mr. Curiosity as one of his Great Books of the Ancient World that he’s reading this year. I read the books alongside him so we can discuss the books together.

Translator: G.M.A. Grube, revised by C.D.C. Reeve

Published: originally around 380 BCE; this edition in 1992

Genre: philosophy

Length: 292 pages of text, 300 pages total

Setting: ancient Greece, although no real setting is described Continue reading

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