Enchanter’s End Game by David Eddings

This is the fifth and final book in The Belgariad. I’m excited to finally finish the series, not only for my reading challenge but because I borrowed the series from a friend over a year ago. I’ll be able to return the books and remove the guilt of having taken so long to finish the series.

Published: 1984

Genre: sword and sorcery fantasy

Length: 372 pages

Setting: Gar of Nadrak, Mishrak ac Thull, Mallorea, and the Isle of the Winds, soon after the events of Castle of Wizardry

Summary: Short version: Belgarion finally meets Torak and vanquishes him

Long version: Garion, Belgareth and Silk are still working their way to the city of Cthol Mishrak and the final confrontation with Torak. The problem is, there’s quite a bit of hostile territory full of various armies between them and their goal. C’nedra is leading a vast army of her own, trying to draw attention away from Garion. They are moving ships over the Escarpment to fight Malloreans in the Sea of the East. First, they have to take Thull Mardu. The plan is successful, but the army is attacked soon after while it is split by the river. C’nedra, Polgara, Durnik, and Errand are captured and brought to Cthol Mishrak and Torak. Garion is then able to defeat Torak because he is alone in the world and not loved by anyone. The book ends with the wedding between Garion and C’nedra.

Final thoughts: A satisfying conclusion to the series. There is more traveling through new countries so the reader gets to see some new customs like the devils of Moridim. I did find it interesting that Belgareth spent so much time sneaking away from Polgara and traveling through the world, and they end up together in front of Torak anyway. Turns out, everyone had a role to play in defeating Torak and making the Prophecy of creation instead of chaos come to fruition.

The prologue in this book was from Torak’s point of view. Of course, his rationale for doing everything cast him in a favorable light and made the other gods look bad. It’s amazing how you can spin almost anything. Even though Torak was thoroughly evil and trying to bring about chaos in the universe, the other gods mourned him when he died.

Title comes from: It’s the final battle between the forces of chaos and creation

Reading challenges fulfilled: book #39 for 2018, an E in my Title Reading the Alphabet Challenge, and #13 in my Finish the Series Challenge

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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