Tiny Wooden Pieces

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a webcomic, so I thought I’d rectify that fact. New ones come out on a regular basis, and some of them die a sadly, neglected death. I was attracted to this comic because it’s about European board games. Our family is big into board games (we own over 100, which I think is too many, but my husband keeps finding new great games that he just has to have), so I thought it would be fun to read about other people playing games. It’s always fun to be able to commiserate over game/gaming quirks.

Published: Fridays, at tinywoodenpieces.com

Genre: board games, four-panel comic (recently changed from a six-panel comic)

Setting: usually Ireland, present day, although it really is just a generic house

Summary: Each week, we get a scenario inspired by a board game or collectible card game. We always see Colin (the writer) and Aileen (the artist) within the comic playing the game, and a rotating cast of friends come through the games as well.

Final thoughts: I never knew there was a webcomic based on board games. As a player myself, it’s a lot of fun. The best is when they talk about a game I’ve actually played, and I can commiserate with the humor. It’s also important to read Colin and Aileen’s comments under the comic. Those comments are often as amusing as the comic itself. If you’re a board game player, this is a fun comic to read.

Title comes from: It probably refers to all the little wooden pieces that come with lots of the Euro-games


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