Small Favor by Jim Butcher

This is the tenth book in the Dresden Files series that I’m reading lots of this year for my Finish the Series reading challenge.

Published: 2008

Genre: urban fantasy

Length: 541 pages

Setting: Chicago, soon after the events of White Night

Summary: Harry is being targeted by agents of the Summer Court, including an increasing size of Gruff. Turns out, Mab is calling in one of her favors. She wants Harry to rescue Marcone from whoever kidnapped him. The Summer Court is trying to kill Harry because he’s the Winter’s Champion in this fight. Turns out, it’s the Denarians that are in town and took Marcone from his panic room. Harry thinks they want to turn Marcone with a coin. So, Harry sets up a parley, with the Archive acting as neutral facilitator. Unfortunately, Nicodemus was really making a play to take the Archive. Harry figures out the plan with enough time to get inside the giant magical circle before it closes. While many of the Denarians are killed, they still get the Archive. Harry arranges for a trade (the 11 collected coins and a sword of the Knights of the Cross for the Archive), being prepared for treachery along the way.

Final thoughts: An action-packed book I didn’t want to put down. Poor Harry – it never rains but it pours. He’s got Fae hitmen trying to kill him and Denarians in town, all of whom are stronger than he is. Luckily, Harry knows his limitations, isn’t afraid to run when that’s the best option, and is more than willing to use his connections and sneaky tricks to come out on top in the battles. He learns a bit more about the Black Council and has only one favor left to fulfill for Mab, so he is making progress. Sadly, Michael gets hurt in this book and is no longer capable of acting as a Knight of the Cross. Now Harry has TWO swords to guard and give to someone who he will just know it belongs to.

One of the elements I enjoy in the Dresden Files is the importance of the setting to the story. Some books are set in a generic place, but this one would be a completely different story if it were set anywhere but Chicago. Having visited Chicago, it’s fun to see important landmarks show up, and even Lake Michigan plays an important role.

Title comes from: Mab called in one of her favors Harry owes her

Reading challenges fulfilled: book #28 for the year, a B in my Author Alphabet Challenge, and #9 in my Finish the Series Challenge

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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