A Cop’s Eye by Blue Delliquanti & Michele Rosenthal

This is the next story in the Future Visions anthology, by someone I’ve never even heard of. Turns out the two authors are known for their comics and illustrations, which explains my lack of knowledge.

Published: 2015

Genre: science fiction

Setting: Minneapolis in the winter, near future

Summary: Worknesh Kedir is an investigator with the local police department. She’s called in to help find a runaway juvenile. It looks like her home situation is not the best, which explains why Lucy left. However, there’s a blizzard on the way, so Work wants to find her soon. Turns out, Lucy is a bit of a hacker and has developed a tool to hide her face from the ubiquitous cameras. That lack of a face helps Work and her AI assistant track down Lucy and get her into a shelter quickly.

Final thoughts: I was surprised to see that this was a comic, which was a refreshing change from the other short stories in the collection. Because it was visual, we could see that Worknesh was a black woman and Lucy and her family were Asian, providing some realistic diversity to the story. The big tech in the story (and the only thing putting it in the near future instead of the present) was the presence of an AI eye as part of Worknesh’s uniform. The AI was able to access files and project potential actions to assist Worknesh in tracking down Lucy. I see this as a completely believable piece of tech, and enjoyed the story.

Title comes from: The name of the device Worknesh was using was an Eye and she was a cop.



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