Bone by Bone by Carol O’Connell

It’s my last book of 2016, but it finishes my alphabet challenge! I needed an O author to finish my alphabet challenge. This looked interesting and different from what I’ve been reading lately.

Published: 2008

Genre: thriller/mystery

Length: 340 pages

Setting: Coventry, CA, present day

Summary: Oren Hobbs has come home to Coventry because Hannah, the housekeeper since his mother died, has led him to believe his father is dying. Turns out his father is fine, but bones from his brother Josh, missing and presumed dead as a young teen, have been showing up on his father’s front porch lately. Oren was part of an elite investigative Army squad until recently, so he starts digging into the past to determine what happened to Josh all those years ago. Oren’s digging brings up lots of secrets, including that of his lawyer’s private life and alcoholic wife. Eventually, after lots of side trails and false leads, we learn the details of that day.

Final thoughts: This was another one I was surprised to enjoy. It’s essentially just a mystery of who killed Josh, and mysteries generally leave me indifferent. The author kept throwing up likely candidates and then taking them away. I was kept guessing on who killed Josh up until the very end, which kept me reading. I didn’t really understand why the Judge killed the investigation of Josh’s disappearance when it first happened. Then there was the whole question of why Oren left the Army, which kept coming up but was never answered. The pissing match between the local, incompetent sheriff and the federal agent seemed contrived as well.

Hannah, the housekeeper kept me reading as well. She had quiet power and wielded it carefully so as not to squander it. There was a hint that she had a history, but in Coventry, you don’t ask about the life you lead before you came to Coventry.

Title comes from: Josh’s bones were showing up on the porch one by one.

Reading challenges fulfilled: #101 in my Maybe 100 This Year Challenge, and an N in my Author Reading the Alphabet Challenge, which finishes up that challenge as well.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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