Annex by Benjanun Sridaungkaew

I’m late getting this post up because things were a bit crazy around the house today. Last night, I decided to do a bit of plumbing work at 8pm. I figured it would be a quick and easy task to finish up the weekend. Ha! Instead, I made a pipe leak everywhere and the only shut-off valve that worked was for the whole house. Luckily, I have an awesomely handy father who was willing to drop everything and come fix things this morning. Even so, I had to keep the kids on task homeschooling while making sure my father had everything he needed to repair the problem. Needless to say, blog posts get a short shrift at that point. But, everything is fixed, the water is back on, and I have a short story from the 2014 Campbellian Anthology.

Published: April 2013 in Clarkesworld

Genre: science fiction

Length: 12 pages

Setting: the planet Samutthewi, far future

Summary: As the Costeya Hegemony moves to take over another planet, Lykesca has plans to subvert the populace. She enlists the help of Esithu to create a viral message that could be carried along the official data feed to create a new reality.

Final thoughts: I had a hard time following the plotline of this story. There was too much going on and all of it seemed confusing. Esithu was undergoing surgery to become androgynous and multi-bodied. At the same time, we have the technical aspects of the mind hack Lykesca was planning. Lykesca had some long-term plan in place, but I never really did figure out what she was working for, which made it difficult for me to figure out what was happening and why. There may be some cultural differences I’m missing, but this just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Title comes from: It was the name of a song released as the vector for the mind hack.


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