The Plitone Revisionist by Paul S. Jenkins

the-plitone-revisionistBack when I didn’t have many podcasts I listened to, I found a source of audiobooks put out in podcast format. Podiobooks is still going strong and looks to be published new titles. I was looking for science fiction stories and found this one. You can listen to it for free from Podiobooks, and maybe throw a few bucks at the author if you enjoy it. It is not available as a print book.

Published: 2007

Genre: science fiction

Setting: out in space, far future

Summary: Paula captains her own spaceship. She is captured on Plitone by Gaurda Grunt, who is trying to foil the Revisionists’ plans. Paula escapes Grunt with the assistance of Terri and Stefan. She ends up taking them back to the Revisionist ship with the help of Nantuko Orliss, who lives on the ship. Paula’s father, the Revisionist President, asks her to take over his position when he dies. She’s unsure if that’s what she wants. Instead, she decides to take Terri and Stefan home, and runs into trouble in the process.

Final thoughts: A good, straight-forward scifi action story with a touch of sex thrown in for good measure. Jenkins left the succession of Paula to presidency open, so there’s a chance at another book in the series. However, nearly ten years after the first book, I still don’t see a second, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. The author read the book, and did a great job. I loved how he started out each episode with, “Hi, this is Paul,” in a slight British accent.

Title comes from: Terri’s father was the Revisionist’s agent on Plitone, otherwise known as the Plitone Revisionist.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None since this was a book I listened to in a previous year


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