Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

This is the third book in The Reckoners series. You’ll want to start at the beginning of the series (Steelheart and then Firefight) if you’re interested in the books. I successfully convinced Mr. Curiosity to read the series, so I read this book after he finished it. Bonus, it was published this year so it counts toward my new books challenge

Published: 2016

Genre: post-apocalyptic YA

Length: 421 pages

Font: Apollo

Setting: mostly Ildithia, in the U.S. southwest, soon after the events the events of Firefight

Summary: The Reckoners have nearly been destroyed now that Prog has gone over to the dark side. David figures the only way to survive is to get Prog to face his fears and banish the darkness. To have a chance, though, they need a tech boost from Kinghthawk. After failing to steal the tech, David convinces Knighthawk to help them. They’re off to Ildithia, where Prof has been taking over. He’s implementing Regalia’s plan, although it takes the Reckoners a while to figure out what that plan is. They try to force Prof to face his fears and snap him out of the evil, confronting him on two separate occasions. Eventually David confronts Calamity and realizes Calamity is reason most of the Epics descend into darkness when they use their powers.

Final thoughts: A strong conclusion to the series. I totally didn’t see the ending coming, but at the same time, I found it completely plausible. David had been working up to this big confrontation with Prof and then it doesn’t work. Turns out, he’s been focusing on the wrong goal. We also see that things look so much clearer in hindsight and you feel stupid for not figuring things out faster. There are several new Epics that show up with cool, new abilities so it’s not all old characters.

On a side note, the book brings up several points about current culture that seem odd to the people in the post-apocalyptic world. David remarks on how big the U.S. is, which we often forget (at least until we try to drive across the country). There’s also casual remarks about ads and the stupid stuff we all used to have.

Title comes from: The goal is to confront Calamity and steal his powers

Reading challenges fulfilled: #76 in my Maybe 100 This Year Challenge, and #5 in my New Books Challenge

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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