The Exterminator by Erik B. Scott

Art by Seth Allen Bareiss

Art by Seth Allen Bareiss

Published: January, 2013 in Daily Science Fiction

Genre: science fiction

Length: 4 pages

Setting: Earth, far future

Interest: It was published in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

Summary: Jaren is hired to exterminate some pests in a construction project a serpentine Morgat is completing. Turns out, those pests are humans, living in the basement of a hotel.

Final thoughts: This story was telegraphed from the beginning. Jaren is trying to suck up to the new ruling class by being a great exterminator. Too bad he’s killing his own species, and he’ll never manage to be enough like the Morgat to fit into that society, like he wants to. This story could very easily be about Nazis and Jews, or any other ruling class and lower class. The aliens make it science fiction, but otherwise, I didn’t notice a new take on the theme.

Title comes from: It was the main character’s job

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