Stay Crazy by Erica L. Satifka

Published: 2016 (it comes out today)

Genre: science fiction

Length: 256 pages

Setting: a town in Pennsylvania, present day

Interest: I was provided a copy of the book to review (but my opinions are my own)

Summary: Em is recently home after being committed to a mental institution after a breakdown. Her mother decides she needs to get out more, and gets her a job at Savertown USA (reminds me a lot of Walmart) stocking frozen food. Things are a little odd at her job (no outside reading material allowed in the break room, everyone sings the store jingle before starting the morning shift), especially when the frozen food starts talking to her. It’s just a being from a higher plane of the planet, trying to find a criminal who is killing people in Em’s plane of existence for their energy. Em needs to find this killer among the workers of Savertown USA without getting caught by her bosses and fired.

Final thoughts: I just couldn’t finish this book. I got about 1/3 into the book and just gave up. I didn’t like the main character or the people around her – everyone seemed like a caricature of their personality (Em’s sister recently converted to Christianity and now that’s all she can talk about. Em’s mother is being brainwashed by a psychologist on TV). The main plot wasn’t going anywhere, either. It didn’t help that only the people with mental illness could hear the voice from the higher plane of Earth. Was it real or just another hallucination? I stopped caring, which is one of the worst things that can happen in a book.

Title comes from: The main character had a mental illness, which allowed her to hear the voices projected from the RFID tags in the frozen foods

Reading challenges fulfilled: none since I didn’t finish the book

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!



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