Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie

Published: 2014

Genre: science fiction

Length: 356 pages

Setting: mostly in and around Atheok Station, immediately following the events of Ancillary Justice

Interest: It’s the second book in the Imperial Radch trilogy. I loved the first book so I knew I was going to read the second. I’m trying this year to actually finish a series I like before starting a new series. We’ll see how that works out.

Summary: Anaander Mianaai has sent Breq to Atheok Station as Fleet Commander on Mercy of Kalr. She also adds another crew member, Lieutenant Tisarwat, to the ship. Too bad Breq anticipated Mianaai’s actions to make Tisarwat an ancillary of herself. Breq removes the equipment from Tisarwat before Tisarwat can do any damage. Once at Atheok Station, Breq quickly sizes up the situation and puts her office in the Undergarden, where no officials typically go. In trying to keep the system safe, Breq stumbles into a plot where someone (probably one faction of Mianaai’s clones) is siphoning off transportees to illegally create ancillaries.

Final thoughts: Such a good book – no sophomore slump on this series. I wanted to fly though the book and find out what happens, but I forced myself to slow down. Leckie doesn’t waste words, so every word on the page is important and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

We learn a bit more about Breq in this book. Getting to be ship captain reduce some of her crushing loneliness. She’s able to tap into at least some of the data stream provided by the Mercy, which gives her an insight into her crew that others don’t share.

We also see that Breq tends to take the side of the low-class and non-citizens, probably because she was an ancillary, the lowest of the low. She knows what it feels like to be ignored for no good reason. That means the administration and elite don’t appreciate Breq’s actions, and usually try to remove her. That hostility leads to some excitement and action surrounding Breq, so her retinue never has to worry about living a boring life.

Title comes from: A Sword is the largest of the ships. While Breq wasn’t captain of one, there was a Sword in the system.

Reading challenges fulfilled: nothing for my Reading the Alphabet Challenge (what’s with all the L authors I’m reading lately?) and #11 in my Maybe 100 This Year Challenge

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