Zen Pencils by Gavin Aung Than

We finished up studying the human body this week, which means we didn’t get anything new from the library. So, instead of a weekly wrap-up post, I’m going back to an occasional topic – reviewing a webcomic. This time I’m reviewing Zen Pencils.

Published: Irregularly

Genre: inspirational

Setting: depends on the quote being depicted

Interest: I don’t remember how I found this webcomic in the first place. I enjoy the occasional inspirational poem/quote, though, so I keep reading.

Summary: Basically, Gavin finds a quote he likes and then drafts a comic with a plot and visuals that in some way correspond to the words. He has a few recurring characters, like the Shaolin Monk and the Dragonslayer but usually the characters and plot are unique to the quote. New readers can just jump right in to whatever’s currently showing on the homepage, or check out the New readers page for a list of the most popular/personal favorites.

Final thoughts: Since this isn’t a regularly updated comic, it’s always a pleasant surprise when it shows up in my RSS feed. The art in the comics is well done and I’m always impressed with how the artist tells a story strictly in visuals. Yes, it goes along with the words of the quote, but it adds to the depth of the quote. If you really enjoy the comics, you can even buy them in hard copy format since Than has published his comics in two volumes: Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks and Zen Pencils-Volume Two: Dream the Impossible Dream.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image or title to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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