Novel Properties of Certain Complex Alkaloids by Lawrence Person

Published: 2013 in Rayguns Over Texas

Genre: science fiction short story

Length: 21 pages

Setting: present day, in Texas

Interest: I was provided a copy of the anthology and I’m slowly reviewing all the stories in it.

Summary: Timothy is a psychedelic drug connoisseur. He’s always on the search for a new drug of choice. As a bonus, he’s a university chemist so he has access to precursor drugs and equipment so he can make his own drugs. When his friend Doug, who provides some of the more illegal precursors, comes to him with a new molecule to try to create, Timothy is skeptical. However, it’s worth a try. Turns out, this God of All Psychedelics provides an awesome trip and even some enhanced intelligence. After his first trip, Timothy is able to make some improvements on the drug and refine the steps to synthesize the drug. Unfortunately, it opens his mind so far, he’s able to see into the matrix and he is eliminated from the computer.

Final thoughts: I must admit, I did not expect the story to end up with the humans as computers for some alien life form. I figured the lights inside people’s heads were some kind of metaphysical connection between people, but instead it’s a Matrix variant. Person managed to stuff in quite a bit of Timothy’s backstory, so we know all about his reasons for becoming a university chemist and his hatred of meth and love of psychedelics. It made the story a bit dense at times. Final verdict is a solid meh.

Title comes from: It is descriptive of the main character’s search for the best psychedelic

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image or title to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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