Joining the She Reads Network

Just wanted to pass on the announcement that I am joining the She Reads Blog Network. If I can quote their about page:

We believe that Story is the shortest distance to the human heart. And for that reason we began the She Reads Book Club in September of 2009 in order to share the novels we love with the largest audience possible. Since then we have introduced dozens of novels to thousands of voracious readers. Our readers are smart and loyal and charming. We love them very much.

What that means for me is I will get some books to read on a regular basis to talk about with other members of the She Reads network. What that means for you, my readers, is more book reviews! In reality, you probably won’t notice much of a change, beyond providing a new reason I pick up certain books.

There are many great book bloggers out there. If you’re looking for more to follow, there are other bloggers in the network.


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