Reading Challenges for 2016

Time to set some reading challenges for the year. I’ve decided I want some challenges that will stretch my reading habits without being too difficult for me to keep track of. I did a nonfiction challenge for a few years until I decided I like to read nonfiction and read it just for fun. Then, I did a Pulitzer Prize challenge for a few years, and again, I’m reading it just because I want to. Having a challenge isn’t going to encourage me to read any more Pulitzer Prize winners than without it, so I won’t bother again.

So, challenges I will be doing:

#1 – I will continue the alphabet challenge, with the tweak of the X, Y, and Z counting as a single category. I know I actually finished this challenge this past year, but it does stretch my reading in an interesting way. It’s easy enough to keep track of, especially since the kids also participate. I’ve got to give it a new name, though. How about Reading the Alphabet Challenge.

#2 – I’m going to try to hit 100 books again this year. I’m going to state for the record that I will count audio books, but not graphic novels. I let the kids count them, but graphic novels are just too quick for me to read. I’ll call it the Maybe 100 This Year Challenge

#3 – For something new, I’m going to try to read 10 newly published books. I can never quite manage one a month, but 10 books published in 2016 should be doable. I’ll call it a New Books Challenge.

#4 – And finally, for something old, I’m going to add some rereading to my plate. I nearly finished the Game of Thrones rereading (I’m reading the last one right now). I’m going to reread David Brin’s Uplift series. After reading Existence, I was reminded how good that series was, but it’s been at least a decade since I’ve read them.

If you prefer your reading challenges to have a few more categories, there are some options out there for you.

The Modern Mrs. Darcy has a “one category a month” approach

Popsugar goes for 40 different categories. There’s bound to be a few that appeal to you and a few to stretch your reading chops.

Tim Challies has a tiered approach of categories, depending on how much you read. He has a number of Christian categories on his list.

And finally, you can try a keyword approach to your titles with the Book Coma blog.

So, anyone want to join me in a reading challenge? It’s a good excuse to read more books!


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