2015: Year in Review

Both kids are sleeping after staying up late on New Year’s Eve. We all stayed up until midnight, and then my husband and I went to bed and told the kids they could stay up as long as they wanted (but no TV or electronics). I’m not sure how long they stayed up (Mr. Curiosity said until 12:30, Miss Adventure said until 3:00 – I’m leaning towards Mr. Curiosity’s estimate), but they are both tired. While they’re resting, I thought I’d take advantage of the quiet to look at my reading for the past year.

I didn’t do as many reading challenges this year because I found it cumbersome to keep up with them the year before. Let’s see how I did on the abbreviated challenge list:

Award Winning Challenge: I knocked this one out of the park, with 17 books read that have won a major award. It helps when I’m reading Newbery Award winners either to the kids or for American History Club. I only managed eight Pulitzer Prize winners, which is holding pretty steady. I’ll keep it up this year, but probably not make it a reading challenge. This is two years in a row that I’ve completed the challenge, and I’m reading the books for personal pleasure anyways.

Alphabet Challenge: The last book of the year finished this challenge! I’m very excited about that fact. It helped that we decided to combine X, Y, and Z into a single category. I’m still enjoying this challenge, and like how it stretches me to read some books I might otherwise not, so I’ll be doing it again this year.

Finally to 100 Challenge: The official total was 94. If I had been a bit more consistent about counting graphic novels (I read eight this past year) or allowing audio books (at 11 – I’m not sure why I didn’t count them, but I’m changing that fact this year) I would have made it for sure. I’ll be a bit more generous in the counting of books this year I think. I think the 13 500+ page books made up for the plethora of shorter middle-grade books I read. It all balances in the end, right?

Overall, I’m pleased with the books I read and I’m going to do some new reading challenges this year. Anyone want to join me? I’ll have a post about what challenges I’ll make for myself (or what challenges other people have come up with that sound interesting) soon!

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