Weekly Wrap-Up: Myths and More

We are continuing to study Norse mythology, with a bit of a break and short vacation for Thanksgiving. This week was a full week, though, so we could sneak in as many days as possible before Christmas. The kids are still reading Norse myths, at least the children’s version of them. They’ve started on Odin’s Family, myths of the Vikings retold by Neil Philip. This has a few new myths from the other book we were reading, but still has a pretty tame version of Ragnorak.

There’s also quite a few novels that are based around Norse mythology. One little gem is Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is well known in the fantasy and science fiction realms, and his writing usually has a touch of the horror in it (which is a no-go for my sensitive kids). This book is safe for the younger crowd, though, as Odd goes on a quest to solve the winter that won’t end, which involves some Norse gods and a Frost Giant or two in the city of Asgard. At under 150 pages, it’s a quick read and hits a different aspect of Norse myths than you often get.

Mr. Curiosity found a fun book in the library this week – To Be or Not To Be by Ryan North and William Shakespeare. This book is a choose-your-own adventure version of Hamlet. You get to choose to be either Ophelia, Hamlet, or Hamlet, Sr. and make your way through major events of the play. Of course, there’s a modern flair to the book as well, and a full-page illustration when you end a storyline. It’s got some big-name illustrators. Mr. Curiosity recognized the artist who does Nimona as well as XKCD. This is a hefty book (700+ pages) but lots of fun to read through. There’s even a choose-your-own adventure book within the book! The trick is to find all the different endings – you can see the cool pictures, but often can’t figure out how to get there. All in all, a fun twist on Shakespeare

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