Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Published: 2010

Genre: graphic novel memoir

Length: 224 pages

Setting: 1980s, San Fransisco, California

Interest: We were at a different library than our hometown, small library, so I decided to check out the graphic novels and see if they had anything interesting. This one looked good, so I picked it up.

Summary: As a sixth grader, Raina has an accident and damages her two front teeth. This leads to a long, orthodontist-laden saga as the doctors try to salvage her teeth, realize that won’t work, and rearrange her remaining teeth to cover up the loss of her two front teeth. While all this drama with her teeth is happening, Raina has to deal with some not-very-nice middle school “friends” and the general difficulties of growing up.

Final thoughts: Again, my kids loved this graphic novel and both read it over and over. It does a great job of showing that difficult time of puberty and middle school, with the added interest of what braces feel like. Miss Adventure was all worried that maybe she would need braces and did I ever have braces? It’s definitely written for kids, mainly because it’s all about middle and high school. Most adults don’t think fondly of that time, but the book does a great job of showing how to deal with some of the pitfalls of middle school. Highly recommended if you have someone in the 8-14 age range.

Title comes from: Raina had a lot of orthodontic work as a child and this story is all about that.

Reading challenges fulfilled: none since I don’t count graphic novels

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