1632 by Erik Flint

Published: 2000

Genre: alternate history

Length: 608 pages

Setting: West Virginia, present day, and then Germany, 1632

Interest: A random book I picked off my Kindle, originally put on free from Baen Books.

Summary: We start out in a small town in West Virgina, where everyone is gathered for a wedding. Suddenly, there is a bright light and the whole town has been mysteriously transported to the countryside of Germany in the 1600s in the middle of the 30 Years War. The town decides to establish the principles of the U.S. a few years early and works with the King of Sweden to shut down and destroy the raping and pillaging armies of Germany.

Final thoughts: Eh, it was a fine enough story, but I kept getting annoyed with little parts of it. There was a bit too much good luck in terms of the old skills that people had. The author tried to explain it as a bunch of hillbilly gun nuts from West Virginia, with the school teachers and some hobbyists bringing in other skills, but it still seemed a bit coincidental. Also, I wasn’t too pleased with how Flint portrayed the female characters. It took nearly half the book (at least) before it would pass the Bechdel test. Definitely not worth reading any of the 14 sequels. Obviously there is a market for his books, but I am not it.

Title comes from: The year the town was transported to

Reading challenges fulfilled: none since this is a review of a book I read in a previous year

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