Weekly Wrap-Up: American History Club

Another week, another set of books. We had American History Club again this week. We were in our second session of colonial America, which fits nicely with our founding of the states topic we’re doing at home. Miss Adventure read a picture book biography of William Penn since she is focusing on Pennsylvania history, William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania by Steven Kroll. The book is a biography of the important points in Penn’s life, starting in England and ending in the new colony of Pennsylvania.

For American History Club, we read two books. The older two read Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper. I loved this book. It provided an excellent look into life as a Native American and a colonist, with comparisons between the two. We start out in Little Hawk’s world, but when Little Hawk is killed, we switch to John Wakely’s life in the Plymouth colony. Mr. Curiosity had a hard time with the book because Little Hawk dies half-way through, but I thought it was a great story packed with information.

The younger kids read Shadows in the Glasshouse by Megan McDonald. This is an American Girl Historical Mystery book, a step up in difficulty from the American Girl books. It is set in Jamestown and the mystery is who is breaking the glass in the glasshouse. The book followed a perfect story arc, and Miss Adventure really enjoyed the mystery.

And those were the books we used this week. Linking up with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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