Short Stories by Alexis A. Hunter

Title: Midnight Hour

Published: October, 2012 in Insatiable: The Magazine of Paranormal Desires

Genre: paranormal

Length: 9 pages

Setting: the seaside, present day

Interest: It was included in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

Summary: The narrator is a ghost haunting the location of her death, a lonely stretch of rocky beach. She becomes corporeal every night between midnight and one. She meets Cole on the stretch of beach one night and is immediately attracted to him. Turns out, he was present the night of her death, and inadvertently lead to her death.

Final thoughts: Eh, this one didn’t do too much for me. The attraction the narrator felt was too immediate and intense. I also found it kind of weird that the now-grown boy is attracted to woman he got killed six years ago. I did wonder if it were possible for the narrator to get pregnant in the hour she’s corporeal, and then what would happen to the baby?

Title comes from: The time the narrator is corporeal instead of being a ghost

Title: A Reason to Linger

Published: 2012 in At Year’s End: Holiday SFF Stories

Genre: paranormal

Length: 2 pages

Setting: a ghostly bar, present day

Interest: It was included in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

Summary: Lawrence is using all his energy to project a bar for other ghosts to visit, and he’s starting to question why. Perhaps he should just stop and follow the bright light that’s calling to him. His energy is renewed by a small child ghost who asks to stay a while.

Final thoughts: A sweet, quick story. Having a purpose to your actions always gives you more energy to keep going.

Titles comes from: The name of the bar is Linger and the child gives the narrator a reason to stay in the world longer.

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