The Garden of the Stone by Victoria Strauss

Published: 1998

Genre: fantasy

Length: 525 pages

Setting: a parallel Earth, present day

Interest: It was a random book picked off my Kindle

Summary: Cariad has been trained by the Resistance to be an assassin. She is called back to their Headquarters by Goldwyn, her foster-mother and head of the Resistance, for a dangerous mission. One of their agents, Konstant, had been sent to infiltrate the Fortress, the headquarters of the Guardians of the Stone. The Guardians guard the Stone and police the Limits on handpower. Konstant disappeared recently and Cariad is tasked with finding out what happened to him. Turns out he’s been secretly sent to a parallel world to see out Cariad’s father who stole the Stone years ago. Goldwyn had given a great prophecy about Cariad’s father returning with the Stone to overthrow the Guardians and the prophecy is finally coming true.

Final thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this book. The world building was solid, so you could definitely believe the conflict between the Guardians and the Resistance about the use of handpower (otherwise known as technology). The prophecy and Cariad’s father’s stone weren’t as gripping. He was massively powerful and could basically do whatever he wanted, so he holed up and separated himself from other people? I never really understood his decision. Of course, the Prophecy came true, but not quite in the way Goldwyn and her people expected. Don’t expect deep thoughts from the book, and there are parts that don’t hold up to scrutiny, but it’s full of action and adventure.

Title comes from: The location of the final confrontation was in the Garden of the Stone

Reading challenges fulfilled: 31/100 in my Finally to 100 Challenge

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