Short Stories by A. T. Greenblatt

Art by Wi Waffles

Art by Wi Waffles

Title: Tell Them of the Sky

Published: July 2013 in Daily Science Fiction

Genre: fantasy

Length: 6 pages

Setting: some post-apocalyptic world with minimal technology

Interest: It was included in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

Summary: Kitkun fabricates flying toys in a world where the sky is obscured by smog. He always hopes that one day, someone will come into his shop and ask about flying. He’s rewarded when Aya comes in one day. She’s too young to fly yet, but keeps coming back. Kitkun starts working on a pair of wings for her. She’s finally ready to fly after fighting in the army.

Final thoughts: A sweet little story about wanting something more, something you know is there without there being any evidence of it. In this case, the “something more” is the sky, but I think it has a correlation to why people believe in religion as well. Kitkun is the prophet of the sky. He’s actually seen it, but he can only show it to one other person, who will then move on to tell about the sky in another place. Greenblatt gives the reader enough description of the setting that you can fill in the details yourself, without realizing you’ve done so. I enjoyed the story.

Title comes from: It is the charge Kitkun lays on Aya when he gives her wings.

imgBookTitle: Letters from Within

Published: 2013 in 16 Single Sentence Stories (which you can read for free as a pdf if you follow that link)

Genre: fantasy

Length: one page

Setting: inside a dragon

Interest: It was included in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

Summary: It is a letter from a knight to his princess love about the dragon he went out to slay and his success in doing so.

Final thoughts: I didn’t realize the story was a single sentence until I saw the title of the publication source. It really is a single sentence that rambles a bit, but is totally in keeping with the tone of the letter. Even though the story is only a page long, it still manages to pack in what happened to the poor knight, and a fair bit of humor as well.

Title comes from: The knight is writing to his princess from inside the dragon.



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