Weekly Wrap-Up: Genetics and Mendel

We finally got to a new topic this month, which means a pile of books from the library. (The librarians can always figure out what our topic for the month is when I get a giant stack of books about one thing.) Last month was literature, so I thought we’d do a little science this month instead. Based on the interest people show in my human biology college class, I thought genetics might be worth checking into.

I had a hard time deciding where to start with genetics – should it be based on size or history? I decided to follow history and start with Gregor Mendel and his pea plants. There are many biographies of Mendel to choose from at many different levels of reading. I found Gregor Mendel: And the Roots of Genetics (Oxford Portraits in Science) by Edward Edelson. At about 100 pages, it’s meant for a more advanced child, especially since all the pictures are in black and white. It doesn’t have the visual appeal that something like the graphic novel Decoding Genes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist by Amber J. Keyser. Mendel is mentioned in passing, but it provides more of an overview of genetics than a biography of Mendel.

I had Mr. Curiosity read the chapter about Mendel in It Doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist: Great Amateurs of Science by John Malone. This book is full of examples of people who made major advances in science without having specific training in that field. Mendel opened the book and the author provided a good overview of Mendel’s research.

And those are the books we used this week. Linking up with the Weekly Wrap-Up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap-Up.


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  1. Great mix of fun and interesting reads surrounding your lesson

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