Influx by Daniel Suarez

Published: 2014

Genre: techno-thriller

Length: 513 pages

Setting:United States, present day

Interest: It’s Suarez’s latest book. Considering the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of his other books, I figured this was a safe bet as well.

Summary: Grady is a bit of a genius. He’s just invented a gravity mirror, which has brought him to the attention of the Bureau of Technology Control. The BTC was tasked with controlling technology in order to maintain social order. Grady refuses to cooperate with the BTC (he think they are keeping the tech for their benefit, not for the benefit of humanity) and is sent to isolation. Eventually, he finds himself imprisoned and tortured as part of research to develop human consciousness that lacks free will (to improve the AI capabilities of the BTC). Grady manages to escape with the help of the Resistors (a group of geniuses that have banded together in his prison) and tries to take his knowledge public. Unfortunately, the BTC tries to suppress the information by killing off people who know about them. The BTC is finally taken down with the help of some insiders.

Final thoughts: As expected, this book was a thrill ride. There was a bit of technobabble at the beginning when Grady is talking about his invention and it occasionally creeps back in, but it’s easy enough to ignore. The scary thing about the book is I find it completely plausible, and the perfect foil to the conspiracy theorists who think some government agency is covering up all the major advances in technology. The reason we don’t have cold fusion, or a cure to cancer, or many other advances isn’t that it hasn’t been invented. It’s that we’re not ready for it. Unfortunately, if an organization like the BTC is set up to control technology, it won’t take too long before their tech is so much better than anyone else’s tech that no one can stop the BTC.

Title comes from: Not an obvious one. Probably refers to the influx of technology

Reading challenges fulfilled: 25/100 in my Finally to 100 Challenge, and an I in my Title Alphabet Challenge

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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