Weekly Wrap-Up: A Bit Random

This week was full of a bit of this and that. We were supposed to have American History Club on Thursday, but illness postponed the kids’ presentations. However, we didn’t know until Thursday morning we wouldn’t be presenting, so the kids got everything together that they needed.

Mr. Curiosity decided to talk about Japan in WWII. We actually had a hard time finding books that focused on Japan that were appropriate to Mr. Curiosity’s level. It was either a 600 page treatise on the Japanese Navy, or an eight-page books with three sentences on the page. The best book available in our library was The Rise of Japan and Pearl Harbor by Julie Klam. He ended up using Wikipedia to research most of the battles.

Miss Adventure decided to talk about fashion during WWII. We found 20th Century Fashion: the 40s and 50s by Helen Reynolds to be a good start for women’s fashion, and supplemented with photos found online.

On top of that, we’ve done a bit more  in our microscope unit study. This week, we moved towards microbes. I found Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs. Not only does this book provide a nice introduction to microbes, why they’re important, and how to stay healthy, but there’s also a number of experiments. The experiments go from using glitter to show how bacteria spread everywhere to creating a home version of agar and petri dishes. We’ve got some petri dishes inoculating now. We’ll see if anything grows.

Finally, a little art to round things out this week. The kids both got polymer clay for Christmas and I thought a book about polymer clay might provide a little inspiration. I found Get Creative with Polymer Clay by Emma Ralph. There’s 17 different project, ranging from jewelry to paper products to decorative objects for around the house. I liked that it had techniques to mix colors, whether swirls, patterns in patterns, or a gradual fade from one color to another. We got out the pasta maker that’s been sitting unused in the basement for years to condition some clay today.

And those are the books we used in homeschooling this week, Joining up with the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers weekly wrap-up.



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