Reading Challenges for 2015

It’s a new year, so there’s new reading challenges to start. I think I overestimated my ability to complete challenges last year. I’m not good with the categorical challenges at all. In fact, the only challenge I seem to be able to stick with is the alphabet challenge. The kids are even willing to join me on that one. So, this year, I’m going down to the basics.

#1 – I want to break 100 books. I’ve gotten close the past couple of years, and I’m hoping this year to finally break triple digits. I think I’ll call it the Finally to 100 Challenge.

#2 – I can manage the Alphabet Challenge. However, We’re tweaking it a bit for this year. Trying to find authors and book that start with X (X is allowed anywhere in the title or author’s name), Y, or Z is difficult. So, the family has decided that X, Y, and Z count as a single category this year. That way, we only need 48 books to complete the challenge instead of 52.

#3 – I’m still working on the Pulitzer Prize list. I’m hoping to read one a month, but really I’ll take anything that has won a major award. This will be my Award Winning Challenge.

#4 – Finally, I’m going to try to reread the Game of Thrones series. I’ve already started, since the first book in the series was the last book I read last year.

If you’re more inclined to include some categories in your reading challenges, I’ve found a couple of options for you.

Bringing Up Burns has come up with 26 different categories to entice you into reading some different books for her reading challenge.

If you don’t want quite so many books to read, try The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 12 different categories.

ETA some other reading challenges I’ve found:

Stellar Four is challenging people to read a book a week.

Pop Sugar has a long list of categories to read. They look interesting…

Whatever challenges you decide on, make sure you read something this year!

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