2014: Year in Review

Yes, I know I’m late getting on the bandwagon of looking back on 2014. I was behind on book reviews and wanted to make sure all my 2014 books were reviewed before I looked back on the year.

So, how did I do on my reading challenges? Let’s take a look.

100 Book Challenge: I was so close this year at 98 books. If I would stop reading such long books (I read 12 books over 500 pages, although no 1000+ page books) I might actually reach 100. I’ll try again this year.

Check Off Your Reading List: I wanted to read a Pulitzer Prize winner a month, and I didn’t make it. Instead of reading 12 Pulitzer’s, I only read nine. However, if you include books that won any award, I made it to 17. So, I’ll count it as a qualified success.

Global Reading Challenge: Of the seven continents, I only got five. Turns out, I’m not good at picking books because of their setting.

Back to the Classics: There were six main categories and five optional categories. I managed eight out of the 11 categories, and while I put Justin Morgan Had a Horse in the historical fiction category, it would also have fit in the classic by an author new to me category, so I’m counting this challenge completed. Of the books in the challenge, I only read one (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain) specifically for the challenge.

Alphabet Soup Challenge: This was another challenge I got close on but just couldn’t finish. I was missing an I author (I started a John Irving book at the end of the year, so that will be my first book for 2015), an X author, and a Y and Z title. I do like the alphabet challenge, so I’ll continue this one in the future. Our family has a big chart in a hall with columns for myself, Mr. Curiosity and Miss Adventure to record our alphabet challenge books. I like that we can all participate.

For challenges this year, I probably won’t do so many. The alphabet challenge will stay, and I’m still working on my Pulitzer Prize list. We’ll see what else I can come up with, but it probably won’t be much. Any more than those two categories just feels like too much work.


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