Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

Published: 1942

Genre: children’s chapter book adventure

Length: 179 pages

Setting: Norway, start of WWII

Interest: It was recommended somewhere as a good read-aloud

Summary: The Nazis have invaded Norway and the Norwegians are trying to move their bullion out of the country before the Nazis seize it. In order to sneak it out of the country, they send it down the mountain on the sleds of the kids of Riswyk. From there, it is loaded on a boat that sneaks out of the fjord.

Final thoughts: A very exciting story that supposedly is based on true events. There were a couple of times Mr. Curiosity begged me not to stop at the end of a chapter so he could find out what happens next. The book works very well as a read aloud because the chapters are so short, and the story is short enough that it keeps the kids’ attention.

Title comes from: The kids hid the gold under the snow before moving it on sleds.

Reading challenges fulfilled: none since this is a review from a previous year

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