In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore

Subtitle: Challenging the Cult of Speed

Published: 2004

Genre: nonfiction sociology

Length: 282 pages of text, 310 pages total

Interest: I can’t remember how I found the book in the first place, but the topic is something I’m interested in.

Summary: Honore felt that his life was too busy and he was missing out by rushing from one thing to another. Therefore, he decided to look into the Slow movement. For each of the chapters, on food, cities, mind/body, medicine, sex, work, leisure, and children, he discusses the benefits of slowness and meets people who have made an effort to slow down. He looks into how their lives have changed, and then experiences the slow version to compare to the typical, everyday faster version.

Final thoughts: I don’t think I could have read a more contrasting book to The Circle if I had tried. This book is all about putting the technology away for a bit, slowing down, and not feeling the need to fill every moment with movement and the idea of getting something done. Slow isn’t necessary all the time, but neither is speed.

I enjoyed seeing the different aspects of the author’s life that could be slowed and watching him try out some of the deliberately slow activities. He was usually skeptical at first, but was persuaded of their value by the end. The book was a bit slow (fancy that) and I’m not sure how much of my life I would change. I already make an effort to keep our family life at least relatively slow. I do have some friends that would benefit from this book. One of the take-home messages to me is when someone asks “How are you?” saying “Busy” isn’t a badge of honor.

Title comes from: The subject of the book.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 84/100 in my 100 Book Challenge

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