Fables Volume 16: Super Team

Published: 2011

Genre: comic book collection, fairy tales

Length: 148 pages

Setting: mostly Haven for the main story, immediately following the events of Rose Red

Interest: It’s the 16th book in the Fables series

Summary: The Fables are making their last stand against Mister Dark in Haven. While Flycatcher is able to keep The Dark at bay for now, the shield is weakening. The Fables are trying to put together a team that can defeat The Dark. Pinocchio is convinced that it has to be as an X-men-type team, while Ozma just wants the most fearless to fight. There are several side stories happening simultaneously – Bufkin is climbing the tree out of the business office to get home, Mrs. Spratt is on her way to be the fairest of them all, the North Wind has to hunt down and kill the child of Bigby and Snow White that is a zephyr. At the end, the North Wind fights Mister Dark and they’re both absorbed into the casket of primordial winds. The final episode is set in the Imperial City of the Old Empire, where Sleeping Beauty lies at the center of the sleeping city. General Mirant is making princes left and right in the hopes that one awakens Beauty and the sleeping members of the city.

Final thoughts: As always, an excellent story that you have to pay attention to or you miss so much. Watching Pinocchio try to assemble an X-men team was amusing, especially since few of the Fables actually have powers. Defeating The Dark seemed impossible, but the North Wind actually had the power and the desire to do it, so he could protect all of his grandchildren and not be forsworn. Of course, there are new problems on the horizon, but hopefully not as earth-shaking as fighting The Dark or the Empire. I wonder where the story will go from here?

Title comes from: The latest effort to defeat The Dark was to assemble a team of fearless Fables to him. Pinocchio was convinced making them a team of super heroes would add to their power.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None since this was a graphic novel, not a book.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!

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