The Wind Harp by Athena Andreadis

2014CampbellianAnthology_CoverPublished: 2013 in Crossed Genres 2.0 Magazine

Genre: science fiction

Length: 18 pages

Setting: extrasolar planet, some other time

Interest: It is included in the 2014 annual Campbellian Anthology that was available back in January. M. David Blake, the editor of the anthology, had the idea to collect in one place samples of work for everyone who is eligible for the Campbell Award for New Writers (see the writeup here). The Campbell Award for New Writers (there’s also a Memorial Award) is given to the best new writer who was first published in the past two years. Sadly, you can no longer get the anthology, but you can read the story at its original publication spot.

Summary: Antóa has been asked by her ruler/guardian, Némi Ferái Kámi-o, to make a trip to a rival Tower while they are in transition between rulers. Kámi-o hopes to gain influence in that Tower, increasing his power in the area. Antóa is able to convince the Dor-Nys to trust her and succeeds in her mission.

Final thoughts: I had a hard time keeping everyone straight in this story. There was the Dor-Nys and the Gan-Tem, and the Kem-Fir, and others. I’m very bad with names, and these were rival organizations/governments that I couldn’t tell apart. Wait, did the narrator on that group’s side or not? It felt like a piece of a larger story, and I had a hard time immersing myself in this small piece.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this was a short story.

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