Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Published: 1992

Genre: speculative fiction

Length: 480 pages

Setting: near future United States

Interest: It’s one of the Time top 100 books plus it was an audio book that StatsGuy listened to and enjoyed and shared with me.

Summary: Hiro Protagonist is an old school hacker that doesn’t really have a place in the Metaverse and the new corporate programming environment. YT is a 15-year old courier with an attitude who helps Hero out of a bind and decides to team up with Hero. They begin gathering intelligence for CIC, a for-profit agency that makes money selling data. YT and Hiro get involved with L. Bob Rife and his attempt to take over the U.S. by infecting all the programmers and hackers with a visual virus. He’s also using a drug to addict all of surburbia. Both the drug and the virus are called Snow Crash, and they tap into the brain and allow Rife to control everyone. Hiro and YT help to stop Rife’s plan.

Final thoughts: A long and complicated plot with a satisfactory resolution. There were lots of characters that all came together in the big conflict at the end, even the people I didn’t realize would come back. Lots of payback if you were paying attention, which I appreciated. Stephenson certainly knows how to weave a plot together. All the details are important, so you have to pay attention. Nice tension and resolution at the end.

Title comes from: It’s the name of the virus in the Metaverse and the drug used by L. Bob Rife.

Reading challenges fulfilled: none since this was a review of a book from a previous year

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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